Our Partner

We have always attached great importance to excellent partners and are committed to reaching a good strategic partnership with our partners to achieve a win-win situation for all parties and help the company achieve high-quality and rapid development.

Partner support

Sales tools

Provide partners with product introductions of various products, product technical white papers, etc.; provide various Industry, general-purpose solutions and PPT for various application scenarios, as well as quotation system, etc.

Marketing meeting

Assist partners to organize regional marketing conferences or exhibitions, provide conference theme and process design, conference invitation design, conference material design, etc., and provide professional pre-sales consultant support according to the partner's conference theme and content.

Project proposals

For large-scale complex or non-standardized projects, professional pre-sales consultants provide users with targeted project solutions, and provide professional pre-sales and technical personnel on-site support according to project needs.

ASS training

Provide partners with ASS (ASS-Advanced selling skills) training at least twice a year. The training mainly includes sales skills, product solutions, forum sharing and other forms and contents.


Provide technical staff with TSS (Technical service skills-) training at least twice a year. The training mainly includes various forms and contents such as technical support, product solutions, and forum sharing.

WeChat online support

Association common problem consultation and answer, technical data inquiry, drive and trial download, online bill of lading

Our Partner